Closing the Gender Gap: Female Landlords’ Progress in the Hertfordshire Rental Market

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Women are continuing to show more investment interest in property than any other sector as the UK’s buy-to-let investor community grows to 2.6 million. Research from HMRC has reported more females moving investments from more volatile stocks and shares to the more stable property market.

Leading London property experts, Ludlowthompson has reported that 48% of the UK’s buy-to-let investors are female with the trend set to grow further in 2022. However, this is not a new phenomenon, between 2014 and 2019 the number of male landlords grew by 10% compared to 17% in the female demographic.

What is surprising to the industry is the constant growth despite challenging market conditions. Property prices have risen and as a result, squeezing margin out of rental yields. What’s more, increases in landlord taxes has made it more difficult for investors to make a healthy profit.

To contradict the above statement further, the profit that female property investors receive is increasing twice as fast as male counterparts according to This is Money. Buy-to-Let income has risen by 27% in the last five years for female landlords, from 12.7 billion to 16.1 billion respectively.

‘The property market has become more and more inclusive in recent years. We see similar levels of interest from landlords of both genders, so it is encouraging to see the gender-gap reducing.’ Said M A S O N S Director, Luke Mason.

Females are naturally more risk-averse, and with the property market providing more stable investments over a longer period, it is easy to see the reasons behind the increase in female landlords.’

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