Considering Buy-to-Let: Evaluating Investment Opportunities in Herts

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Over the past five years, we’ve seen a series of tax and legislation changes which have created a more challenging environment for buy-to-let investors.

 From a 3% stamp duty surcharge on second properties, to higher capital gains tax, it’s certainly been a time of shifting goalposts and some landlords have opted to sell up.

Covid-19 also fuelled a degree of uncertainty amongst investors, but 18 months into the pandemic and research from Shawbrook Bank indicates that confidence is returning amongst UK landlords. In fact, two-thirds of landlords surveyed reported feeling optimistic about the future, and over a third are ready to invest.

Across to the local Hertfordshire market, we have experienced a significant demand for rental properties, and rent values have risen rapidly. There just aren’t enough good quality rentals available to meet this demand; potentially making it a great time to invest.

Lifestyle trends stimulated by Covid-19, such as increased home working, certainly appear to be with us for the long term – with many employees not planning a full return to the office. Free from a daily commute, today’s tenants are prioritising different criteria such as gardens, office space and a life outside the city – which Hertfordshire is well placed to offer.

Towns such as Hitchin are experiencing high demand, with its combination of spacious homes, great schools, and rapid rail links to London. For UK and overseas landlords seeking to invest in current growth areas, we think North Herts is a sensible choice, with plenty of scope to attract great tenants and high rental values.

“We’re beginning to see a rise in buy-to-let investors again, and we’ve been working to support landlords by highlighting the best local investment hot spots in North Herts, both for existing contacts keen to expand their property portfolios, and first-time buy-to-let investors.” Luke Mason

 “MASONS really helped us to find exactly the right buy-to-let investment. Luke and Jonathan took time to support our search, sharing a wealth of local knowledge, as well as practical tips on what type of properties and areas appeal most in today’s rental market.”

If you’re considering a buy-to-let investment in North Herts, then do drop us a line. As well as being closely connected with the market, we can also recommend trusted partners who will be happy to share their tips on planning and completing a buy-to-let investment.