Landlords Insurance

We’ve partnered with Hazelton Mountford, an independent chartered insurance broker who specialise in property insurance to ensure that M A S O N S landlords benefit from enhanced insurance policies at competitive premiums.

Hazleton Mountford offers insurance solutions for all types of property investors ranging from a landlord with a single property to large multi-national property portfolios.

Landlords insurance requirements are as individual and different as each property and Hazelton Mountford offer a full range of insurance and risk management services with all policies being arranged via leading UK insurers.


Rent Guarantee

Even reliable tenants can encounter unexpected financial difficulties and it can take up to six months to evict tenants unable to pay rent. A rent guarantee service will cover any loss of income if a tenant fails to pay their rent.

M A S O N S Rent Guarantee Service is based on an insurance policy that we purchase to protect our landlords. It has some great benefits including:

  • Zero excess
  • Rent payments in the event of a tenant default up to 12 months or until vacant possession, whichever is sooner
  • 75% of rent for 3 months after vacant possession
  • A mediation service to attempt to resolve any issues with the tenant
  • Legal Protection which covers legal costs for repossession, recovery of arrears, pursuing damage to property, nuisance and trespass, defence and criminal prosecutions up to £100,000

If you are a managed landlord of ours and you’d like to take advantage of our rent guarantee service, get in touch and we can arrange for this service for you.

Alternatively if you self-manage your buy-to-let properties, you can go directly to Hazelton Mountford to obtain a quote by clicking the link below.


Property Owners Insurance

There are many different risks associated with being a landlord. Whilst most property owner’s have buildings and contents insurance, often these are not set up to protect landlords and usually don’t cover loss of rent in the event that the property becomes uninhabitable.

Alos, standard residential policies usually don’t include cover for some of the common risks that landlords face including accidental damage and theft.

Hazelton Mountford offer a comprehensive property owners insurance policy with some great benefits, that include:

  • Protecting your buildings from damage caused by Fire, Flood, Storm etc
  • Protection from
    accidental damage and theft (including by tenants)
  • Contents insurance for
    furnished properties
  • Loss of Rental Income if the property becomes uninhabitable
  • Property Owners Liability including liability to the tenants

If you’d like to obtain a quote you can go directly to Hazelton Mountford by clicking the link below.

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