Energy Efficiency Mandate Impacts Hertfordshire Rental Market: New Bill for Private Renters

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Last month the “Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings” bill was introduced to the Houses of Parliament. The Bill will increase pressure on the Private renting sector to increase energy efficacy.
The bill is necessary if the UK is to meet carbon-neutral goals. The UK will meet Net-zero goals when it is producing less Carbon pollution that can be removed, or absorbed by the environment. The bill will ensure private renters improve their properties’ energy efficiency is improved. By meeting
Supporters of the bill state the bill will reveal all private rental homes are EPC band C or below by 2028. They also say that all homes should be EPC band C average for their portfolios by 2030.
Lord Foster, supporting the bill in the House of Lords stated: “I have been campaigning on this Bill for over two years. It puts in place government policy, thus I call upon ministers to support it and wait for it to receive a 2nd reading in the House of Lords. This is essential for the achievement of net-zero targets.”
Leading in the House of Commons, Sir David Amess adds: “This Bill will help my constituents to have lower fuel bills and it will help the UK achieve Net-zero. I Hope Ministers will support it.”
The measure is supported by the Sustainable Energy Association. The chief executive, Jade Lewis, comments: “We are incredibly hopeful that the Minimum Energy Performance Bill will receive the support it rightfully deserves so that it can deliver a lasting impact on the energy efficiency of homes up and down the country whilst addressing key public interest concerns such as unemployment, fuel poverty and climate change.”
She later said:”The SEA is proud to have campaigned for this policy certainty over the past few years and I believe that we are closer than ever to the breakthrough we have been working towards.”