Quality property inspections: What are they and why do they matter?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

Regular, detailed inspections are central to the M A S O N S approach to property management. In this blog, we explore why quality inspections are so important to both landlords and tenants.

At M A S O N S, in-depth property inspections are a free and integral part of our property management service and they go a long way to ensuring a tenancy’s success.

“We know from experience that quality inspections play a crucial role in safeguarding properties and tenants. They also support positive landlord-tenant relationships.”
> Luke Mason, Director, M A S O N S

So, what makes a quality rental property inspection?

Inspections can be viewed as intrusive or unnecessary. However, when they are communicated well and conducted professionally, tenants and landlords do see the value that they add.

At M A S O N S we manage a rolling programme of regular inspections. At the outset of a new tenancy, we visit all properties after two months. This allows us to pick up any potential issues early.

After this first inspection, we continue to visit and inspect all properties every four months. We communicate with tenants well in advance of inspections and our findings are clearly documented for both parties. For landlords, we include video reports – which are very well-received.

This ongoing inspection programme is part of our standard property management service, and no additional fees are attached.

Why do quality rental inspections matter?

1. Planning for the future

For landlords, in-depth inspections will pick up on the need for future redecoration or refurbishment. This allows time to plan and budget for future work and investment in the property which ultimately minimises void periods.

2. Keeping tenants safe

Regular inspections allow us to identify potential hazards such as faulty electrical sockets, faulty alarms, mould, or structural damage – again at an early stage.

Promptly addressing these safety issues and responding to tenant concerns ensures landlords remain legally compliant, and provides ongoing peace of mind for all.

3. Encouraging open and positive communication

For tenants, regular inspections help to keep communication channels open and builds collaboration – both essential ingredients for a successful tenancy. It’s proven to us time and time again that happy tenants stay in properties for longer – which in turn, makes for very happy landlords!

4. Spotting damage early on

Sometimes property damage can easily go unnoticed – even by vigilant tenants. Wear and tear damage, such as a small leak or a pest infestation can progress almost silently into a bigger, more costly problem.

An experienced letting agent knows exactly what to look for during inspections. At M A S O N S we have a bank of trusted, local tradespeople, who can quickly nip any minor damage in the bud. Keeping costs and disruption to a minimum.

5. Protecting your investment

An important function of inspections is to pick up if tenants are complying with their tenancy agreement terms. Because our tenants are well-vetted and our terms are clearly communicated, violations generally aren’t an issue amongst M A S O N S tenants.

However, we do often see violations with self-managed properties where inspections have lapsed. Common violations include poor hygiene, property damage, smoking, bringing in pets and unauthorised alterations. In our experience, early identification makes it much easier to resolve violation issues quickly and amicably.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons why quality property inspections underpin any effective property management service. If you’re not receiving regular free inspections at your property – either as a landlord or tenant – then we encourage you to ask your agent why!

As some letting agencies, property inspections are presented as an additional or ‘hidden cost’ for landlords, but that’s not the attitude we take at M A S O N S:

“How can property inspections be an extra? Without inspections, you can’t effectively manage a property – and you certainly can’t keep landlords and tenants well-informed and supported.”
> Connor Leane, Lettings Consultant, M A S O N S

For us, quality inspections are essential for maintaining positive communication (the real secret to successful tenancies), protecting property investments, ensuring tenant safety and ongoing legal compliance.

If you’d like to find out more about our property management services, please do drop us a line to see how we compare to other letting agents in Hertfordshire.


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